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A planner.

So we can all agree that most planners are incredibly ugly, yes? Even the ones that aren’t ugly are usually very much out of my price range.

So I set out to make my own, and this is what I have come up with. I have pages that I intended to bind, but so far I like just clipping them together with a mini binder clip, so if I don’t use a day, it’s not a total waste of paper (what else it’s a waste of, I’m not even going into).

These are scans of the main pages. Of course I have Monday through Sunday, with the idea of doing a food & exercise page facing each day. I can provide PDFs for all pages if you are interested.


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Something I labored over for a few hours.

Inspired by Kelly O’Connor’s work.



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Another Illustration.


Not as pleased with this one as with the previous illustration. A bit over-thought.

But this will hopefully be a new thing; it’s good to keep my skills sharp(ish) over summer, and I like to practice purely digital illustration.

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