Gritty Rivers Vintage.

I am 26, fascinated by architecture, and I dream of being a furniture designer.

Join the party.


7 thoughts on “Deets

  1. Scriptor Obscura says:

    You sound like me.

    • msrinear says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one. Stopped by your blog, was absolutely dumbfounded. You’re immensely talented. Thanks for commenting, it really brightens my day.

      • Scriptor Obscura says:

        Wow, thank you so much for the compliment! I’m truly humbled and honored that you think so highly of my work.

        Thank you, your comments are genuinely appreciated! 🙂

  2. My lovely, you may be a lot of things, but you are definitely NOT without focus! You are gorgeous, in your very unique and special way; you just fucking ooze with photographic talent; you refuse to let your passions bury you, and instead begin to see ways to use your passions to keep you afloat (and you move to a place which will only help your passions and your ability to use them to help you); and you have an eye for beauty with depth (as opposed to the shit that usually passes for beauty) that is keener than most. You are, I believe, on a collision course with your destiny – and you are already enjoying the life it will continue to provide you. So find the most spiritually perfect drinking hole, order your absolute favorite drink, and have a fucking great time on this amazing journey we all wish we were on with you!!!!! Bravo your bravery!

  3. Dusana says:

    Oh yay, a part I can comment on! Brittany that is SO funny you found my blog via Delightfully Tacky, and kind of embarrassing, I must say w/ so many posing pics I do, but at least I can say it’s all for my nonprofit shop haha. I’m so glad you commented, small world indeed! I look forward to looking at your photography now, I am so impressed, you are amazingly talented!! (Oh & SUPER cute things in your Etsy shop! I’m a bit of a thriftaholic these days myself. : ) Take care!

  4. Because your comments crack me up (& you might be part of our dance crew someday… BTW do you know anyone who can accompany us on an accordion?) I just totally cyber stalked your entire life! Blog, flickr… Yup, I am in love with your pics! The light leaks are awesome! Huge fan!!

    Oh & why aren’t those tan cowboy boots in my size!!! I want them in a painful uncomfortable kinda way!!!

    • msrinear says:

      Psh painfully uncomfotable is the ONLY way to wear a boot. And I’m fairly certain my little brother could crank something out on the ol’ bellows! Lol I love this term “cyber stalk,” it is deliciously creepy! I’m off to develop more old film now, how I LOVE TO PLEASE THE MASSES!!!

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