Some things I want from life.

I want to get matching tattoos with my boyfriend. (I want to marry him too.)
I want to live in Portland, at least through a winter (or twelve) so I know whether I really love it as much as I think I do.
I want to cook all my meals in naught but an apron.
I want to have a white-board wall kitchen so I can always write down that silly shit I’ll never remember
I (think) I want a child. But right now, I just wish I could see my little brother more.
I want to live in a home I own, and I want to decorate it from the ground up.
Orange, Yellow, White, and Gray.
I want someone to explain the difference between Grey and Gray. I find myself using them interchangeably.
I want to get my wisdom teeth wrenched out of my face, and I want my teeth to be straight like they used to be. Fuck you, crowding.
I want my little sister to find what she’s happy doing.
I want to figure that out for myself as well.
I want the hair to grow out of my head the color I dye it.
I want to be happier with the blonde that grows out of my head.
I want to never see the sun again.
I want to live on a sun-soaked island.
I want to never worry about cancer, about disease.
I want my family to eat vegan the way I wish they would, so I never have to worry about cancer, about disease.
I want Americans to get over Fast Food and stop giving themselves heart disease.
I want to learn (better) French.
I want to live in Paris.
I want to live in the city.
I want to live in the country.

Want want want.
Who doesn’t want more than they can provide themselves?

I want to know why my mom wrote my name on this piece of paper.
I want her husband to be less of an asshole so I can give a shit about loving him again.
I just want everybody to be happy.


2 thoughts on “Some things I want from life.

  1. Sarah says:

    Beautiful post. I had a dream last night actually about talking to you about how seeing me having babies made you want one. random? totally weird that you posted this today! ❤

    • msrinear says:

      lol I’ve always wanted children, but it’s more important to me that I have a healthy relationship and a partner I can count on, because I would feel so awful having to put a child through the kind of broken-home bullshit I went through.

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