Not just calories.

Also contributing to our local charity organizations by buying some Cool Shit recently.
DSC_0004 (4)
This bad ass hat. Perfect for bad hair + button-up shirt + filthy pants I wear all the time because they’re the only ones I can fit into.

DSC_0007 (2)
Waterproof + quality brand + bright red = Winter Warrior.

Nameless. Never needless.
All my purses have become small recently, so I’ve needed something slouchy to hold my camera(s) that I don’t have to hyper-organize. Because hyper-organization is bad for my mental health.



These pictures all have sort of an awful, messy room quality to them. OH WELL.

I also bought things for the shop; some of those pictures I took today so knowing me I’ll have that stuff posted in another three weeks. Dresses. Dresses.


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