She’s fighting.

Business at Gritty Rivers Vintage has been slow but steady. I sell an item or two a month, and most of my sales have been international.

I’ve decided to be more diligent about posting things I buy at the thrift store simply because I can’t NOT buy them. I also need to really pare down my leather “collection,” meaning lots of new leather pieces (mainly jackets) will be going into the shop.

The best part about being such an avid addicted thrifter, I’ve found, is how cheaply I can find gifts for my loved ones. Beautiful jacket, too small? I can give it to my sister OR my mom. Same thing with purses/accessories that aren’t necessarily my style. I found a fake Hermes once upon a time that I would never have been able to carry myself but my Aunt was THRILLED with it. Gift! And my boyfriend has benefited from several finds, including a beautiful Wilson’s leather laptop bag and a Member’s Only jacket I’ve had for a few years.

Anyway, here’s some jewelry I recently re-listed. The images are all linked to their respective listings.

miracle pendant

Trifari necklace

painted wood necklace


By the way, the title of this post comes from a song off Charlotte Gainsburg’s IRM album. The song is called ‘Heaven Can Wait’. I really enjoy the album, she has a new one slated for release in November that I’m looking forward to.





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