New Layout.

Ultra ill. Madly in love with it!

Well, as madly in love as I can be, with a theme. Finding something new I liked without shelling out $$ might be the best part, last time I looked around for a new layout I didn’t find anything remotely awesome. Mostly I was just over the black. Now I have white. And teal. Good deal. (oh lord)

In other news, I’m working out getting some Rosetta Stone going so James and I can get our French on.

I also learned how to pump up my bike tires without hurting myself, and I’m fostering a really unnecessary attachment to Essie nail polishes.

I’ve been taking pictures almost exclusively with film lately, and seriously contemplating putting in requests for an amazing digital for Christmas. My trusty Olympus Shock is still trucking but 8 megapixels doesn’t go quite as far these days.


(this was taken with a disposable)

Going to Phoenix on the 17th to party with my little brother (8-years old do it right). Going to Six Flags on 9/11. Should be AWESOME. I’ll be sure to photograph the Winners of Vallejo.


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