Some (boys) never learn.

It’s so shocking to me sometimes to witness the lack of emotion I feel upon seeing a certain name, or a certain someone’s words. Once upon a time, that would have rocked me. Once upon a time, I changed my whole life as a result of the way this person made me feel about the world, about MY world.

But now? I’ve learned. A small amount.
Enough to see through.
To see their faults, flaws, discrepancies.
Their inconsistencies, their untruths.

I can fault a human all day long for being what they are.
I still do fault them. I fault them all.

But mostly I’ve learned- and I’ve learned that it’s rarely about me.
Even when it involves me, it’s not about me.

This has been unimaginably freeing.


Lofty aspirations, indeed.

Reminds me of Beijing.


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