Wait (fortheweight)

Some days, the loneliness is so crushing I can hardly breathe. On those days, all I want is to be more alone, with my thoughts, away from the joviality and oppression of public interactions. Turning my thoughts from the negative seems to be not an impossible feat, but one that is trivial, and pointless.
I do create my own sadness.
I create my own misery.
I am not, actually, miserable.

Some days I feel empty.
Others I feel over-flowing.

I can’t give anything to anyone, and though I miss having someone to share with, I’m so unwilling at this point in my life to give energy to anybody for whom I hold an iota of contempt.
Everybody’s on my shit list lately.

I need another vacation.
I need my best friends.

I miss Portland. I took this picture in Seaside, when I went on vacation by myself, which was worth every. penny. And more.
P3085838 P3085770

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