Oh hi, enthusiasm.

I used to have all these really cool photos of things I’ve cooked for myself, but then my hard drive crashed -yes these things really happen, I didn’t really buy into it until it happened to me.
Countless photos of family, food, friends, and (of course) myself.
And the MUSIC. Ohgosh. It’s a good thing I pirate it all for free am so rich that I’ve bought it all via iTunes (ha).


So far, I’ve done a bang-up job of being vegetarian (with vegan aspirations) for the holiday season. Frankly, meat just doesn’t really tempt me any more. And when it does? I like to tell myself I’ll have some. Then I help prepare it, watch it sizzle and what-have-you while it reaches “safe eating temperature”.. Generally, by then, I’m no longer hankering for some flesh.
In this spirit, may I just say THANK YOU TO THE WORLD for embracing vegetarian/vegan food. Seriously the amount of recipes I consistently see in magazines, online, and even on tv.. They’re just so excellent and inspired and so perfectly un-american and
I. Love. It.
I made my parents vegan breakfast this morning and (my dad) said he enjoyed it a lot. My mom might have liked it, but she both is and isn’t super enthused about things of that nature. i was jazzed on her even asking if she can have some.
Then, of course, I burned it.
So I didn’t eat any. I just dug out what wouldn’t taste disgusting, plated it, and served it to my folks. Reactions were as stated. This is what it looks like when I make it (burn-free) for myself.


And seriously, it’s incredible.

Definitely, food, and the incredible affect it has on our well-being is simply mind-blowing to me, and I am extremely passionate about the ability to fight disease and “lifestyle illnesses” (diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer) with food.
****Obviously, I am not educated professionally in any capacity which allows me to make these statements. But it’s legit. Vegan diets cure diabetes.
It can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Just TRY it. I’m no vegan. I don’t agonize over things like chicken stock or eggs. Whatever. I just eat better and (so much) MORE but I feel amazing and you can too.

Okay, I’m done now.
Motivational Brittany is going to take a nap.

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